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How to quickly Add Folders

Add structured folders to your DocuShare Go files in one quick action.  Watch this powerful upload feature demonstrated here. 

Select the link  to view written steps. 

Personalize dashboard and collection overviews with the Image Widget

Then drag and size image to your preference. It's simple to personalize your dashboard or collection overviews with images that add value to your workspace. Whether it's a personal photo in My Collection just for you, or a company logo... (More)

DocuShare Go Visual Glossary of Terms

New to Docushare Go? Take a look at some of the most common views you will experience as a DocuShare Go user as well as common references from our DocuShare Go Visual Glossary of Terms.

First, the Home Page/Dashboard.... (More)

Recent name change? No problem.

In the top navigation bar in DocuShare Go, click the round profile icon containing your initials or profile photo, then select your name, which will open your Account Settings. Select Edit Account and update your first and or last name.... (More)