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North America Account Help

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riconoscimento barcode e possibilità di rinominare il file

Overwriting a file with the same name

Is there a warning available if you attempt to upload a file with the same name before it overwrites the existing file in a folder? @DSGoHelp

OCR naming and sorting of documents

Is it possible to use OCR to automatically name and sort documents in Docushare Go and using the ConnectKey app? For examples by naming an invoice by the vendor name and the invoice number. Thanks a lot! @DS Go Team... (More)

Using Multi-Factor Authentication with SMS (texting)

Please read this important note from the product team pertaining to enablement of Multi-Factor Authentication with SMS (texting).

When using Multi-Factor Authentication with SMS (texting), the DocuShare Go implementation needs the country code specified and does not allow the ‘+’... (More)