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How-to Videos

It's simple as 1, 2, 3 to learn in these quick How To Videos. 

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How to Create Simple Approval Workflows with Content Rules

Create a Simple Approval Workflow to automate document approval processes.

Select the link to view written steps for creating a Simple Approval Workflow.

Tech Tip: To follow the steps to create a Document Classification Content Rule, select this link .... (More)

How to Use Widgets

Add, delete and personalize your dashboard and collection home page with widgets to see your work, your way.

Select the  link to view written steps.

How to Transfer Collection Ownership

Transfer the role of collection Owner within a custom collection.

Select the link  to view written steps.

How to Transfer Account Subscription

Each DocuShare Go account has one user identified as the Subscription Owner who controls subscription activity. The role can be transferred to another account user following these simple actions.

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