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Ask your peers in the Community for help with your DocuShare Go questions. Discussions in this space are also moderated by the DocuShare team.

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Using Multi-Factor Authentication with SMS (texting)

Please read this important note from the product team pertaining to enablement of Multi-Factor Authentication with SMS (texting).

When using Multi-Factor Authentication with SMS (texting), the DocuShare Go implementation needs the country code specified and does not allow the ‘+’... (More)

How can you make notes on a PDF file after you have checked it out?

Tech Tip: If you don't see account Login on your mobile device in portrait mode

Are you using a mobile device to access your account at and don't see the Login button in portrait mode?

Try one of these quick workarounds.

1. Rotate your device to Landscape mode.

2. Or navigate directly to the... (More)

Reset MFA on Admin Account

I am the owner / administrator on our account. I had MFA set up. I have a new mobile phone and now have no access to the authenticator phone app to allow me to log in. I have been unable... (More)