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Ask your peers in the Community for help with your DS Go questions. Discussions in this space are also moderated by the DS Go team.

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Sharing a link to a document with an expiration date is a simple feature to use!

In the example below, the creator of a marketing promotion would like to share a link to a promotional flyer, but with different expiration... (More)

Yes, in the latest version of DocuShare Go the Share feature allows you to both share content directly with users who do not have a DocuShare Go account using their email address or generate a sharable link to connect them... (More)

How to Transfer a Collection

The owner, or creator, of a collection can transfer the ownership of a collection to another user. Follow the steps below and you're all set.

How to Transfer Ownership of a Collection
How to Transfer Ownership of a Collection
Can you set up more than one shared link to a document?