Tech Tip: Only account Administrators have access to create Content Rules.

Create a Simple Approval Workflow

  1. To create a Simple Approval Workflow, select Management from the left side menu.
  2. Select Content Rules.
  3. Select the Add symbol to create the Content Rule.
  4. Select Details to name and describe the Simple Approval Workflow and select Next.
  5. Select Browse to select a folder location for triggering the event. Select OK and Next.
  6. Select a User to Assign the task to. Select OK and Next.
  7. Select folder locations for completed task action If Approved and If Rejected.
  8. Review and Create Rule.


Use a Simple Approval Workflow

  1. Users who have been tasked to approve a workflow will see the task in My Tasks on the left hand menu.
  2. Click the context menu to the right of the Task to see actions: View, Approve, Reject.
  3. Select the action to open the task and add a comment, Reject or Approve.
  4. After action is taken, the task no longer show in My Tasks.


Pro Tip:

To add  Signature Support to a Simple Approval Content Rule learn more here.