Tech Tip: Only account Administrators have access to create Content Rules.

  1. To create a Multiple Approval Content Rule, select Management from the left side menu.
  2. Select Content Rules.
  3. Select the Add symbol to create the Content Rule.
  4. Under Details select Multiple Approval from the Type drop down menu, name and describe the content rule and select Next.
  5. Select Browse to select a folder location for triggering the event, select Next.
  6. Select Approver(s) to Assign as a Reviewer.
  7. If a Signature is required for the Approver, select Yes. Select Next.
  8. Select Add Approver to add multiple approvers. Select Next.
  9. Browse and select Approve and Reject folder locations for completed task and select Next.
  10. Review and Create Rule.


Reviewing Multiple Approval Content Rule in My Tasks

Users who have been tasked to approve a Multiple Approval Content Rule will see the task in My Tasks on the left hand menu.

Click the context menu to the right of the Task to see actions: View, Approve, Reject.

From the task list you can complete a review by:

  1. Checking the items to mark reviewed.
  2. Select the Review item from the action icons or the ellipse menu.
  3. Enter comments (optional) and click Submit.

File will then be moved to the Outcome folder.

Select this link to learn about Signatures within a Content Rule.