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Power Users
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Come one, come all!  If you are a User of any level in DocuShare Go, this group is for you.

DocuShare updated 4 months ago

Tech Tip: Setting a Default Organization

Do you belong to more than one DocuShare Go organization? Do you have Xerox MFD’s with Connect for DocuShare Go app?

Well, if both of those are true, please make sure to choose a default organization or your scanning activities... (More)

Jamie replied 5 months ago

Collection Member Roles

Are you creating new collections in DocuShare Go? When inviting members to a collection, expanded roles and permissions allow for collaboration while controlling levels of access within the collection workspace.

To learn more about collection members permissions, see Collection Member... (More)

Scott replied 5 months ago

Managing Digitally Captured Content

Adding scans or photos of handwritten notes, whiteboards, or printed documents in DocuShare Go? No Problem! Make your digitally captured content searchable before sharing with your team by updating the metadata.

David liked 5 months ago

What's New April 2021!

  • Collections, a simple way to organize projects and contributors within a collaborate workspace.
  • External collaboration, safely share documents or folders with people outside of your organization.
  • Expanded user profile options, allow for greater control of user permissions within your account.