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DS GO for Newbies
DS GO for Newbies
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Just getting started using DocuShare Go? Join the group for tips, comments and best practices on first steps to getting started.

Kim replied a year ago

OCR naming and sorting of documents

Is it possible to use OCR to automatically name and sort documents in Docushare Go and using the ConnectKey app? For examples by naming an invoice by the vendor name and the invoice number. Thanks a lot! @DS Go Team... (More)

DS updated 2 years ago

So you accidentally deleted a file. Don't panic!

To restore a deleted file, navigate to Trash on the sidebar menu and locate the deleted file. Click on the context menu to the right of the file name. From the choices shown, select 'Move to My Files', then select... (More)


Finally logged in to your DocuShare Go account? Be sure to set up multi-factor authentication.

By navigating to the Account Settings page under your user profile, enter your mobile number to opt-in to authentication SMS messages.

If you would prefer not to receive text messages, download an authenticator app from the App Store or Google... (More)

Jeff replied 2 years ago