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DS GO for Newbies
DS GO for Newbies
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Just getting started using DocuShare Go? Join the group for tips, comments and best practices on first steps to getting started.

Jill replied 3 days ago

DocuShare Go Visual Glossary of Terms

New to Docushare Go? Take a look at some of the most common views you will experience as a DocuShare Go user as well as common references from our DocuShare Go Visual Glossary of Terms.

First, the Home Page/Dashboard.... (More)

DocuShare liked 7 days ago

Did you know that you can create multiple links for the same document?

Below is an example of one document with three different shared links with different names. These links will also remain in the shared history of this file, so the links can be copied and used again.

Create multiple links for a document
Create multiple links for a document
Emilia liked 15 days ago

Check out documents to prevent overwriting work when collaborating

Just be sure to check it back in to let your team know it's safe to resume contributing!


Collaboration Co-editing Modes

New to collaborating in DocuShare Go? When Collaborating on a document, you have two choices for editing modes: Fast and Strict. To see which mode you are using, from the Collaboration menu, select Co-editing Mode.

In this first example, Fast... (More)