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Calling all Administrators!  Join the group of individuals who have Administrator role permissions in DocuShare Go.  

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Simplify collaboration for your team using DocuShare Go.

Assign permissions and share. Easy as that.

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Collection Member Roles

When creating and managing a collection, invited members of the collection are assigned varying permissions within the collection for greater control of collection assets and activities.

The collection creator is the collection owner, and is the only collection member who... (More)

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Do you know what's Coming Soon for DocuShare Go?

Do you know what's on the horizon for DocuShare Go? Be sure to follow Coming Soon here in the Community to stay up to date on the latest. 


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Different User Roles in DocuShare Go

There are three types of user Roles in DocuShare Go. When new users are invited to your DocuShare Go account, they will be assigned a role and the permissions associated with that role.

Note, that each account can only have... (More)