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Calling all Administrators!  Join the group of individuals who have Administrator role permissions in DocuShare Go.  


If you think someone from your team may need to be added to a Group in DocuShare Go, check the current member list first!

When in the Groups section, click the pencil icon to see the names of all current group members.

Contact the group owner (if not yourself) to make the change. The owner of a group is shown to the right of... (More)

DS updated 3 months ago

If you think others in your organization will need elevated permissions in DocuShare Go (Permission to invite new users, and manage accounts, etc.), consider assigning them admin rights.

Navigate to the left side menu, select 'Users', then click on the context menu to the right of the name of the user you wish to update and choose 'Edit Role'.

Select the Administrator box to upgrade a user to... (More)


Deactivating or Deleting a User? Read This First.

There are several occasions that necessitate deactivating or deleting a user from your DS Go account. But before you do so, consider this:

  • If the user may return at some point, simply deactivating their account leaves all of the content... (More)

Did you know that you can generate links to content in DocuShare Go to embed on webpages?

Find out how to create and manage links here.