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Welcome to the DocuShare Go Community



Learn more about DocuShare Go using the training tutorial videos in this section.  Additional videos will be added regularly, so check back or follow this topic to learn more about DocuShare Go.


How to Add Users to your account

Invite users to your DocuShare Go account to easily share and collaborate on content with.

How to quickly Add Folders

Add structured folders to your DocuShare Go files in one quick action.  Watch this powerful upload feature demonstrated here. 

How to collaborate on Editing documents in Real Time

Collaborate on editing documents simultaneously. Learn how by watching a demonstration of real time editing capabilities.

How to Control Document Changes

Does more than one user have the ability to edit or make changes to a file in your DocuShare Go account? Check In/Check Out and Lock/Unlock features give you control when collaborating to ensure multiple users are not making changes... (More)