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Welcome to the DocuShare Go Community

Get On-boarded to the Community
Get On-boarded to the Community

New to the DocuShare Go Community?  

Follow these quick topics to get begin interacting in the Community.  And don't forget to join our DS GO for Newbies Group for more tips and best practices from new users in the community!

Engage in the Community by asking your first question

Our Community makes it easy to ask a question or start a discussion. From the main header, from the topic of each topic page or within your account activity, simply choose to ask a question or start a discussion with... (More)

How to change Email Notification Frequency from the Community

Changing the frequency for notification emails from The Community takes just seconds and you can customize these notifications to fit your needs.

First, click on your account in the upper right corner. On the left, select Emails and Notifications. Toggle... (More)

Finding Answers to Your Questions

There are several easy ways to begin finding answers to your questions.

First, use the powerful Search option in the Search box at the top of the page. Begin typing your question to see previously asked questions to get you... (More)