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Share your best practices, quick tips and tricks here for others in The Community.

How to quickly Add Folders

Add structured folders to your DocuShare Go files in one quick action.  Watch this powerful upload feature demonstrated here. 

DocuShare Go Visual Glossary of Terms

New to Docushare Go? Take a look at some of the most common views you will experience as a product user as well as common references from our DocuShare Go Visual Glossary of Terms.

First, the Home Page/Dashboard.... (More)

How does sharing files with others work in DocuShare Go?

Sharing files could not be easier using DocuShare Go. Locate the file or folder you would like to share and click on the Context Menu to the right of the file name, then select Share.

Once in the Share screen,... (More)

Different User Roles In DocuShare Go

There are three types of user Roles in DocuShare Go. When new users are invited to your DocuShare Go account, they will be assigned a role and the permissions associated with that role.

Note, that each account can only have... (More)