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Welcome to the DocuShare Go Community

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Personalize dashboard and collection overviews with the Image Widget

Then drag and size image to your preference. It's simple to personalize your dashboard or collection overviews with images that add value to your workspace. Whether it's a personal photo in My Collection just for you, or a company logo... (More)

The DocuShare Go Community can be customized to display post and questions in your preferred language!

Navigate to Account Settings under your user Profile to set another language. Once updated, look for the translation icon next to content.

Choose your language to translate DS Go community content
Choose your language to translate DS Go community content
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Collection History Report

Do you want a record of activities performed within a collection? Collection history can be downloaded from your DocuShare Go account as a .csv file following these steps.

1. From the Collection main page, select the gear icon at the... (More)

Customizing Document Types and Fields

Document Type and Document Fields can be added and customized by account Administrators to better meet individual business needs or terminology used in your organization.

Customize a Document Type: Preset Document Types can be easily updated. Select the pencil icon... (More)